Have you a small idea about this very simple question: Can I do buying backlinks to speed up my SEO?

Surely some of you will be convinced that it is possible despite the rules enacted in the guidelines of Google. Basically, the question is this: is the engine of Google stupid enough not to see what a link bought?

What’s the buying of backlinks and links?

Link purchases are a pure search engine optimization practice quite common in the world of blogging and in practice banned by Google. To purchase a backlink is therefore to pay a remuneration to a blogger against depositing a link to his own site. The hyperlinks bought in this clinic are clearly in dofollow and are usually considered spam.

Difference between link purchase and sponsored link

Sometimes wrongly associated, bought link and sponsored link are otherwise complementary, quite different. The latter consists of a promotion and takes the form of a hypertext link in the context of an agreement between an editorial site (most often) and an advertiser. The remuneration is therefore temporary, contractual, and is connected with SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategies.

To promote a product, you can ask to place a bannerad, a clickable image or just a link that will remain nofollow and specified as a commercial connection. Successful bloggers also provide commercial-type links and thus promote nofollow sponsored article promotions, a practice not encouraged or tolerated by Google. When it comes to SEO, this sort of link does not bring the anticipated popularity and that’s the reason some advertisers are embarking on purchasing links. Unlike that all, the bought links are nearly all dofollow, which makes them a fantastic weapon to boost up one’s popularity.

Why Google hates websites buying backlinks?

Whether in the internal mesh or from other sites, the links make it easier for robots, including Google Bot. As a result, the expected popularity of a page increases and its ranking improves, sometimes dramatically changing the natural Pagerank. Naturally, beyond the altered quality for the consumer, Google loses here also money since this way of dealing with the popularity of a site ends the revenues that could be paid into the Adwords advertising network. Now you know that the main reason of”this despise” is all about money.

The fact

Google controls everything but it’s not happening all the time. The simple fact shows that from day to day, the complete number of websites buying links to boost their popularity is increasing. That means, Google ban is not effective as many folks think. We can find some strong evidence saying that quantity and quality of backlinks (either free or paid) determine the success of a site to boost up its popularity in search engines’ eyes.
So…is it feasible to buy backlinks? The answer is: Yes, it’s! You can purchase quality and secure backlinks from respectable traffic suppliers to get your website on the top list of search.