Microsoft is the leading software company and support system supplier in the world, with an illustrious history of supplying top-notch office solutions, operating systems and other operational applications to individual users, businesses, agencies, businesses and even government entities around the globe.
However, even Microsoft isn’t immune to issues regarding software and their functions. Through time, there have been quite a few complaints concerning the goods that Microsoft has established that have then prompted improvements and updates. Despite that, the issues have escalated that has given rise to a number of workarounds and adjusting processes that serve to provide a temporary solution until Microsoft fixes the issue themselves.
The following is a list of common problems that you might encounter while using Microsoft and their products, followed by the answers to the difficulties.

General Functionality Issues
These are the most frequent problems faced by companies and companies that have implemented the use of Microsoft’s latest products as part of the operational infrastructure. However, occasionally, issues can occur when the installation hasn’t been completed by Microsoft-certified people and companies.
The Option — Hire a Microsoft-certified Business
if you’re in need of Microsoft support in the united kingdom , always hire a respectable company which has a Microsoft certification, to install the latest systems in your business.

Difficulty in Finding Programs for Windows 10
While Windows 10 improved on some of the problems about the port of Windows 8, there was still an issue that consumers ought to be confront on a daily basis; not being able to obtain the software they wished to use.
As software in Windows 10 don’t appear as icons or pins in the start menu unless enabled, users might have difficulty in locating them, which takes time and frequently confuses the user.
The Option — Pin to Start Menu
To obtain the application you would like to use from the start menu in Windows 10, just click on Start and type in the title of the program in the search bar on top. To pin the programs that you may frequently use to the start menu, then just click on All Apps at the start menu that will open all of the applications currently installed. You may then simply Right-Click on each and select the Pin to Start option from the pop-up menu.

Update Reboots without Warning
The Windows 10 operating system requires an internet connection to function at its best. This means that all updates are downloaded and installed randomly, after they’re made available; and the setup is followed by a reboot.
This reboot could take place without warning, interrupting or even terminating the procedure you were occupied with, sometimes even leading to loss of data that’s massively inconvenient, in addition to annoying.
The Option — Place to Request Reboot
so as to combat this, go to Settings, Update & Security, and Windows Update, in that order. Once there, click Advanced Options and finally on Notify to Schedule Restart. This will make the operating system request a reboot as opposed to directly going for it.

Windows Insisting on Edge Usage
Considering that the replacement for the older Internet Explorer program, every new version of Windows includes an Edge browser that’s defined as the default browser. Users that are accustomed to working on Chrome and Firefox won’t find these pre-installed, as Microsoft insists that Edge perhaps is rather than be used on the Windows 10 platform.
The Option — Download, Install and Run
Simply download and find the Windows 10 compatible version of Firefox or Chrome and operate on them as usual.

Inability to Print after a Windows 10 Upgrade
Users who have installed Windows 10 lately might have found that they can’t print files from Microsoft Word.
The Option — Install New Drivers
The best fix for this is to install the most recent and updated drivers for the printer being used on the PC that will enable it to operate seamlessly. You can try to find the drivers in question by searching online.

Malfunctioning MS Office 365
Users of the traditional MS Office systems were confronted with a range of problems when the new upgrade to Office premiered. Office 365 was a success. However, a great deal of companies and companies which had the software installed confronted issues regarding functionality.
The Option — Install Office via a Microsoft Technical Support Business
When employing a service company to set up Microsoft products on to the major cloud server, be certain you hire a business which has a Microsoft certification. This helps to ensure that licensed and real software is installed and timely updates are scheduled as required.

Issue Regarding the Server Platforms
Companies which run on a Microsoft-based computing infrastructure can often encounter issues with their server platform, which can then interrupt functionality across all of the connected users and platforms.
The Option — Determine the Suitable Server
The sort of server you have running on your infrastructure can often determine the scale of operation and how smoothly it runs. This is why it’s important to pick the ideal server type for the requirements of the business, before installing and running it.
If you are facing any of the aforementioned Microsoft issues, try the above-mentioned solutions and talk to Microsoft support if additional help is necessary.