One of the issues, which we confront from the Windows 10 aren’t easy to solve because there are problems, which sometimes is far out of the hands of everyday folks, who do not have the technical knowledge. Yes, I have been there also. Sometimes you need somebody who can provide you the best advice and show you the ideal way to solve it.

Fix #1: Open Separate Window

Step 1: Open the File Explorer (If you’re unable to open it then proceed to the Next Methods. ).

Step 2: As you can see below the picture, click “View” at the very top.

Step 3: The panel has fallen down and look for”Options” from the left corner and click on it.

Step 4: A tab is available today, and you can see that there’s another tab named”View,” click on it.

Step 5: there are numerous options and scroll down till you find”Launch Folder Window in Separate Process,” you need to check/tick the region.

Step 6: Click”Employ ” then”Alright .”

Fix #2: Text, Apps & Images

Step 1: Open the search bar and search for”Screen Settings.”

Step 2: Open the Screen Settings.

Step 3: Check if the Text, Programs and other things aren’t exceeding over (1) 200%. If it does then be certain you reset to the (two ) the recommended point.

It may not seem much but it’s an unbelievable influence on your PC/Laptop since the size isn’t recommended and it’ll crash the File browser as a result of unaccepted size of the Display and Text. You may give this option a shot and it occurs in rare instances.

Fix #3

This method has worked for 80% of the users in the past and it’ll surely work for the Windows 10 users also. This is the last curtain of the all methods. So let us begin.

Step 1: visit the search bar and search for”Control Panel,” if you can find it on your own then you may proceed.

Step 2: From the”Control Panel“, you need to discover the”Search Bar“, which is situated on the top right side of it. For those who have found it then proceed to next step.

Step 3: when you’ve found the search bar then type”Document Explorer” and results will appear according to your System Configuration.

Step 4: The first result is of”Document Explorer” and click on it.

Step 5: As you can see above that a tab pops up on your display.

Step 6: As you can see from the picture below that you need to use the”Clear” option to erase all previous data that is the principal cause of the situation. You can just click on the “Clear“.

Step 7: Click”Employ ” or”Alright .”

This option will remove the recently used files in the Quick Access, and it is going to also eliminate the Quick Files.


We attempted to resolve your problem in only few steps and simple as possible. If you can’t resolve then it is possible to Reset your PC, then it will surely help. If the issue happens because the OS is corrupt then Re-install Windows 10 in your PC/Laptop. Tell us your thoughts, ideas and the way you have managed to resolve the issue in the comments below.